Arctan Analytics is now a ‘Registered’ Salesforce Partner

Arctan Analytics is now a ‘Registered’ Salesforce Partner

Arctan Analytics Pte Ltd is now a ‘Registered’ Salesforce Partner. Which means that we can help businesses work with the world’s leading social, mobile, and cloud technologies to unlock new opportunities and drive successful business outcomes.

No fuss, no muss, just smart

Our Salesforce practice focus on the following:

  • support sales people in selling better by utilizing Salesforce out of the box features whenever possible, and taking the simple route to business success without over-engineering Salesforce.
  • implement Salesforce advanced solutions such as the Heroku platform, Wave Analytics and IoT Cloud.
  • provide advanced analytics solutions and services in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Graph visualization.
The focus of our Salesforce practice

Customer 360-Degree view

We are staffed with seasoned professionals with industry experience, IoT expertise and Salesforce certifications. As a consequence, we know how to help companies harness the immense informational value that sales data and connect devices provides and build 360-Degree views of their customers.

360-Degree View of Your Customer with Salesforce Service Cloud

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